Fort Myers, Florida, Violent Crimes Lawyers

When it comes to violent crimes, both the state and federal courts impose harsh penalties. Florida has a zero tolerance policy for firearms violation. Under the sentencing guidelines and the 10-20-Life law, you may be facing up to life in prison for actions that were legally justified.

Arrested For A Serious Violent Crime In Southwest Florida?

At the southwest Florida law offices of Aiken and O'Halloran, criminal defense attorneys Peter Aiken and Sean O'Halloran represent clients accused of various violent crimes. Our investigators and experienced Fort Myers, Florida, violent crimes attorneys thoroughly explore all defenses, including self-defense, misidentification or legal justification under Florida's new " stand your ground" law.

Your arrest may be the result of a road rage incident or domestic violence disturbance. If a firearm was displayed or discharged, competent representation may make the difference between freedom and years in prison. We live in violent times, and overzealous police, who often rush to judgment, may arrest the armed citizen acting in self-defense.

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