Insurance Fraud And False Claims

Insurance companies are very powerful in Florida and will not hesitate to have you arrested on charges of filing a false insurance claim. This is a real problem because often, other people have financial interests in getting clients to submit false claims. For example, lawyers advertised for people to make claims related to the BP oil spill. The temptation is great when people face hard times. There is also a great incentive for personal injury lawyers to inflate or falsely state the degree of clients' injuries to increase a settlement or for a chiropractor or doctor to bill a carrier for visits or injuries that do not exist or are grossly exaggerated. The bottom line is insurers come after you, not the doctors or lawyers.

Insurance Companies Work Hard To Find Fraud

Insurance fraud is also committed when accidents or claims are staged. Did you know that insurance companies get your cellphone records to see if you knew the person you ran into? Did you know they try and prove that an accident was planned to collect insurance? They also look into accidents with rental vehicles because of the high limits on insurance. They also look into prior accidents and injuries.

Insurance fraud also exists when it comes to claims for things like water damage and mold damage. Some people who are upside down on their mortgages set fire to their homes for the insurance money. Such people can be prosecuted and sent to jail for arson and insurance fraud.

Insurance company investigators are now looking at insurance agents for writing suspicious policies and some insurance writers are under investigation.

Fraud Charges And False Claims

If you submit a false claim, you can be charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering and conspiracy or racketeering. At our criminal defense firm, we have experience with insurance fraud investigations. Attorney Peter Aiken is a former federal prosecutor and has a background in forensic accounting as an IRS special investigator. He understands money crimes and their defense.

Free Consultations In Insurance Fraud Cases

If you are under investigation, say nothing, produce nothing and immediately contact us for a free consultation at one of our four offices in Fort Myers, Sarasota or Punta Gorda. Do not wait until you are arrested or indicted.