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In Florida, if you are a habitual offender, you face serious consequences. If you are a habitual traffic offender, you can be subject to increased penalties, such as a five-year driver's license revocation and jail time. If you are a felony habitual offender, you may face enhanced penalties and mandatory minimum sentences. Mandatory minimum sentences are very harsh because the judge has absolutely no discretionary power. He or she must hand down a minimum sentence.

Habitual offender laws are complicated and require the knowledge and expertise of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Do not wait to get an attorney. Contact an experienced Fort Myers felony DUI charges lawyer today.

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At the southwest Florida law offices of Aiken and O'Halloran, criminal defense attorneys Peter Aiken and Sean O'Halloran represent clients facing enhanced criminal penalties due to habitual offenses. With a combination of decades of experience, you are working with criminal defense attorneys who thoroughly understand the consequences of your charges and are constantly updated on recent legislative changes. We are more than just thorough; we are innovative and our goal is to preserve your freedom, your reputation and criminal history.

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