IRS Crimes and Investigations

Under investigation or Audit by the Internal Revenue?

Contacted by a Special Agent? Receive an Audit letter? Have a foreign bank account?

The IRS is not your friend. They will put you in Federal Prison for cheating on your taxes.

Peter Aiken is a former IRS Special Agent and Federal tax prosecutor. For thirty years he has defended people charged with tax crimes throughout Florida

If you failed to file a return, filed a false return or exaggerated your expenses call today

Do you have an unreported foreign bank account or unreported foreign investment? You may qualify for amnesty under special disclosure programs. You may be able to avoid prosecution by filing delinquent returns or amended returns. Do not do this alone. It may simply be an admission later used against you. Peter Aiken has defended professionals like doctors, lawyers and business executives and many times can solve the problem before it becomes public. Common tax problems include:

  • False returns
  • Failure to file returns
  • Hidden bank accounts
  • Double sets of records
  • Phony deductions
  • Understated income

Did an ex-wife or former employee turn you in?

Relatives, former spouses and trusted former employees are the real IRS informants. Those closest to you know your secrets. You may have been turned in by a bookkeeper, former disgruntled partner or current competitor.

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