Representing Professionals

Defending Doctors, Lawyers and Teachers for Thirty Years

When the stakes are high and careers are on the line, knowledge and experience counts

A felony conviction can end the career of an attorney, a CPA, a doctor or a teacher or professor. For over thirty years we have kept professionals out of trouble, in business and preserved their good reputations. Knowing what to do, how to do it, who to call and when to act is the key.

Representing Attorneys

Problems with trust accounts, the IRS, drugs and sex crimes can end a career.

Peter Aiken is a former IRS agent and Federal Prosecutor, and for over thirty years has defended lawyers for crimes ranging from child pornography to tax evasion. He understands the challenges and the absolute necessity of winning. He has represented attorneys for money laundering, conspiracy, tax evasion, grand theft and other serious felonies throughout Florida. He has successfully defended doctors for health care fraud, tax crimes, sex crimes and drug charges and knows that when a career is at stake, no stone can be left unturned.

Representing Teachers

A false accusation of an improper touching or sexual relationship can destroy a teacher's life forever. Students lie and are sometimes manipulative. Anger, jealousy and other misguided emotions often fuel false allegations against professors by students. These are must win situations and there is no substitute for years of experience in and out of the Courts.

Representing Doctors

Sean O'Halloran, a former State prosecutor, and Peter Aiken, a former Federal prosecutor have defended doctors for drug charges, DUI, health care fraud, tax evasion, child pornography, sex allegations and Medicare charges for over four decades. Federal Court is a scary place and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are unforgiving. Experience Counts.

Other Professionals

A felony conviction will end the career of a real estate broker, an insurance agent, an investment broker, a financial counselor, a builder or anyone holding a state license. A charge of defrauding the elderly, stealing from a trust account, misappropriating money or lying on an application may destroy your livelihood. Call for a free consultation today.