Sales Tax Investigations

Contacted by the Florida Department of Revenue?

Failure to send in sales tax can result in an arrest and prosecution. When a business collects sales tax, a return has to be filed and the money is supposed to be sent in. When businesses are in financial trouble, sometimes, the money gets spent on necessary expenses to keep things afloat. You can be charged with grand theft and prosecuted.

If you get a call or visit from a criminal investigator from the Florida Department of Revenue, contact our office immediately. Criminal investigators do not collect taxes, they put you in jail

It is easy to fall behind and hard to catch up

Small businesses like used car dealerships, boat dealerships and family owned restaurants in desperation sometimes spend the money on other things. The collected sales tax belongs to the State of Florida and failure to remit it can result in a prosecution. Bankruptcy does not help. You can still be prosecuted.

Often a bankruptcy will only make things worse and trigger a sales tax investigation and prosecution. Peter Aiken is a former criminal tax investigator and former tax prosecutor.

If you are contacted, call us immediately. Do not turn over your records until we speak

There are defenses in Sales Tax cases

Getting legal representation quickly is important. Do not try and talk you way out of it. It may not be your fault. Was the business behind in on taxes when you bought it? Are you the one actually responsible for collecting and paying taxes? Were sales taxes actually collected or credit sales? Were the returns filed timely? Did you put your own money into the business?

Liquor Stores and Convenience Stores are targeted for audit and investigation

The State monitors your beer and liquor purchases and compares it with sales. Convenience stores sometimes have two registers or a second set of records and cheat on sales tax. We regularly work with local CPA offices to resolve criminal issues in Lee, Charlotte, or Sarasota County. Call today for a free consultation and speak with Peter Aiken.