Under Criminal Investigation?

If you have been contacted, or expect to be contacted by any of the following:

  • Child Protective Services
  • The Department of Children and Families "DCF"
  • Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division
  • A Sheriff's Detective or City Detective
  • The FBI, the ATF, ICE, the Secret Service or any Federal Investigator
  • The Florida Department of Law Enforcement "FDLE"

Call immediately for a Free Consultation with an experienced Defense Attorney (link to contact)

Never try and talk your way out of a problem. Exercise your right to remain silent.

Many times a confession, comment or admission is the principal evidence against you. The police often just show up at your house or place of work to "talk" and many times do not advise you of their true intent or your right to an attorney or your right to remain silent. Professionals like lawyers, Doctors, Certified Public Accountants, and Teachers feel they have to "explain" something.

Never answer questions without getting legal advice, never turn over your computer and never consent to a search

Peter Aiken is a former Federal Agent and Sean O'Halloran a former prosecutor. (link to bios)

Early intervention by an experienced Lee County Criminal Defense Attorney may prevent an arrest and public humiliation. Call 239 334 8890 now for a free consultation

Visit or Criminal Investigation Blog and learn more (link to blog)

White Collar Crimes like insurance fraud, Medicare fraud, embezzlement, employee theft and Florida sales tax charges (link to Sales tax blog) have defenses and if addressed early an arrest may be prevented.

You need a lawyer that knows how the prosecutors think and what the detectives really do.

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Speak to an attorney before making admissions that will haunt you later.