Aiken, O'Halloran Fort Myers Criminal Defense Lawyer Florida| Video Transcript

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[GRAPHIC: Aiken and O'Halloran, Criminal Defense Attorneys]

PETER D. AIKEN: My name is Peter Aiken. I've been involved in the criminal justice system all my life. As a former special agent with the US Treasury Department, as a Department of Justice Prosecutor, and as a Veteran Criminal Defense attorney for 25 years I can honestly say hiring a qualified and particularly an experienced criminal defense attorney can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your case.

SEAN O'HALLORAN: I'm Sean O'Halloran. I've lived in Fort Myers my entire life. Part of defending cases I was a prosecutor in Lee and in Charlie County. I've handled cases before these local judges both defending them and prosecuting them. I've got the experience necessary to defend your case.

PETER D. AIKEN: At Aiken, O'Halloran we've put together a team of experienced qualified attorneys. We have former investigators, former prosecutors, we have our own on-site investigator and we have a staff of support personnel second to none.

SEAN O'HALLORAN: At Aiken and O'Halloran, we handle all types of criminal defense work from the most serious litigation to simple wildlife violations.

PETER D. AIKEN: At Aiken and O'Halloran, we're not here to judge you.

SEAN O'HALLORAN: We're here to defend you.

PETER D. AIKEN: Call today at any of our four convenient locations in Fort Myers, Fort Myers, or Punta Gorda to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

[GRAPHIC: Aiken and O'Halloran, Criminal Defense Attorneys, 239-334-8890, Fort Myers - Fort Myers - Punta Gorda]